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SureStep ELS

Equine and Livestock Surface's

SureStep Equine and Livestock Surfacing (ELS) is our #1 SELLING product.  


SureStep ELS is our very own recycled crumb rubber mixed with our one-of-a-kind binder that is hand troweled onto existing sub surface’s for a PERMANENTLY BONDED and SEAMLESS surface providing years of SOFT, SAFE, and DURABLE footing for the equine and livestock industries.


Together with our elite installation contractors, we have 30+ years of experience installing SureStep ELS in thousands and thousands of horse and livestock trailers, equine barns, wash bays, event centers, universities and veterinary clinics.  

SureStep ELS Color Chart

Color Chart ELS.PNG

Its in the details

SureStep ELS is our most sought after product in the Equine and Livestock industries. Its easy to see the benefits it offers ranchers, trainers, and horse and livestock enthusiasts across the country.  During the installation process we use our one-of-kind SureStep Adhesive Seal that saturates and seals the sub-surface, safeguarding it from future corrosion, rotting and loss of the sub-surface.  SureStep ELS is permeable, permitting fluids to drain in areas with slope and also allowing moisture to evaporate quickly; making it a perfect solution for wash racks, aisle ways, trailer flooring, stocks, etc. This surface eliminates puddles and standing liquid.


SureStep ELS ELIMINATES puddles or standing water that can be rancid and cause hazardous conditions.

In a horse and stock trailers, not only does SureStep ELS protect your sub-surface, it completely eliminates the need for any bedding or shavings, saving you time and money on the purchasing of bedding, labor of install and the removal or cleanup. Also it means your horses and livestock will be more comfortable and breathe cleaner air.

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