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SureStep RS

Residental Surfaces

SureStep Residential Surfacing (RS) is a variation of EPDM (ethylene polypropylene diene monomer) crumb rubber mixed with our one-of-a-kind binders, offering residential and commercial areas a SOFT, SAFE and DURABLE surface that is permanently bonded and seamless.


This variation of crumb rubber stands up well against UV rays, has great aging resistance, and is durable against extreme temperature and weather conditions, making this a fantastic surface option for low-impact areas. 

With endless color options, this product can be customized to anyone's home or business, adding a SOFT, SAFE and DURABLE surface. 

- Gyms

- Sidewalks

- Pool Surrounds

- Entry Ways

- Wheelchair Ramps

- Boat Decks

- Patios

- Saunas

- Playgrounds

- Playrooms

SureStep RS Color Chart

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